CIN # L15140GJ1992PLC017024


Business Activities

The company's business activity is divided as follows

Castor Division

The castor oil division constitutes the core business activity of the company, manufacturing and exporting various grades of castor oil. The castor seeds obtained from the market are crushed at the company's manufacturing unit at Naroda.


  • Premium Refined Castor Oil

      Extra Pale Pressed Grade

      Pale Pressed Grade

  • Refined Castor Oil

Premium Grade First Special Grade

First Special Grade

  • Castor Oil

First Special Degummed Grade

First Pressed Commercial Grade

Commercial Grade

  • Pharma Grade Castor Oil

Grade BP93

Grade - USP

  • Castor Meal



Castor Oil - Products Introduction

Castor oil is also known as Ricinus oil and differs from other glycerides  that are derived from other seeds by virtue of its chemical composition and physical properties and contains very little non-glyceridic impurities. It contains 90% of ricinoleic acid and is a source material for the production of a variety of oligochemicals by various chemical treatments, which cannot be derived by similar treatment to other oils.

Castor oil is mainly grown for its seed, which finds use as a lubricant and in other applications. The cake is mainly used as manure. Recent research shows that this can also be used in the paper industry. The oil of course, forms the most important product and is used by various industries.